305 5th Street South – Park Place.

This property was my second Times Square home known as Park Place. One that I lived in for 2 yrs, it was originally known as the “Emerson Apts”. The property appraisers office shows the structure as having a 1910 construction date, the earliest mention I could find searching the Google newspaper archive was a reference to the opening dated Jan 13, 1917 in the Evening Independent.

The article shows an address of 500 instead of 305, I think the numbering system changed somewhere along the way.

Some of the previous owners revealed in the archive searches were

By the 1930’s the Emerson Apartments were listed in newspaper advertisements as one of the many places to live in the “Sunshine City” !

Emerson Apartments advertisement in the St. Pete Times 1930.Emerson Apartments opening announced Jan 13, 1917.

Emerson Apartments opening announced Jan 13, 1917.

In 1978 the building was part of a housing authority investigation regarding rental rates.
Even MaryAnn Lynch had her share of trouble with the property when she undertook the massive renovation, facing obstacles on all fronts she persevered and produced a historic landmark recognized at both the 2006 Mayors Historic Preservation Summit and with an Honerable Mention at the Saint Petersburg Preservation Awards in 2008 !
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