201 5th Street South – Mediterreanean

This particular building is currently called “Mediterranean”, it was formerly known as the “Baer Chee Apartments” then the “Gardener apartments” according to the city directories from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

** Update **  Diligent scouring of the google newspaper archive revealed this properties true former identity, see bottom of post for more info !!

The property appraisers office shows a construction date of 1915. One of the oldest dates in the group.

Google newspaper archives revealed one article mentioning a resident Earnest Klein, who was the treasurer of the Shell Club in 1957.

The google newspaper archive came up with no hits on the previous apartment names which is knd of odd considering the age of the complex.

The adjacent lot has some significance, even though it is empty now 227 5th street south once was where the “Elston  Apartments” was located. It was the second apt building in St. Pete the first being the “Coburn Apartments” on 4th street north.

My research on the google newspaper archives yielded not only print info but my first photo of a property from the past!

Street numbering changes must have affected this property which was formerly known as the “Winchell”. 500 2nd Avenue south was its previous address that thwarted all my past searches. But low and behold I found this article and photo from 1951-

That info yielded more from google that in 1942 a contestant for the “Saint Petersburg most photogenic girl” contest  a one miss Christine Williams was once a resident!

Further research showed she did not win the contest but was bettered by this woman Elizabeth Colson. You can see the winning photo here!

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