Times square properties is a collection of old homes, boarding houses and hotels brought back to life by a woman named  Maryann Lynch.

Make no mistake these historic structures, most of which were constructed the early 20th century, would probably have met the wrecking ball if not for her efforts.

There is something to be said for modernization but there is also something to be said about a community that has preserved a piece of living history and also provided an affordable place to live.  Her buildings are now intermixed with new condominiums and business spaces in an area of downtown St Pete known as University Park.

Take some time to learn more about the neighborhood she created –  “Times Square”  by exploring this site.

Discover the people who lived in these building before us, stories about messenger boys saving their hard earned money to buy war bonds, weddings, anniversaries, babies being born, survivors of tragic events that would change the course of history.